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Alert! (Red) Alert! Bearing witness to Wash. U. sports

If you ask the average Washington University student whether he or she regularly attends athletic events to support the Bears, your odds of getting “yes” as an answer will likely be slim. Being in NCAA Division III, our athletics get much less media or national attention compared to any big university like the University of Alabama and the University of Florida. This doesn’t mean our teams don’t deserve attention.

Underused Underpass space to see renewed use from WUSTL athletics

For the past few semesters, the southeast wall of the Underpass facing the South 40 has been left largely blank, but it may see renewed use by the athletics department.

John Lin | Contributing Reporter

Red Alert launches new program

Red Alert, the student fan base for Wash. U. athletics, has created a new program to bolster basketball attendance this season

University athletics should inspire our attention

Given the volleyball team’s recent victory over the No. 1 ranked team in the country, the men’s soccer team’s recently-ended undefeated streak, and attempts by students and the administration at fostering a tailgate atmosphere before football games, we feel it pertinent to comment on the state of athletics on this campus.

New hire to boost Bears’ marketing

The Wash. U. Athletic Department now has a new marketing and external relations coordinator, Erin Blecha. Blecha has a big job ahead of her—though she seems determined to expand even more.

| Sports Reporter

Freshman Press: Introduction to Wash. U. traditions

Freshman Press takes a look at some of the biggest Wash. U. traditions, like Bauhaus, Beta Bubbles, Carnaval, Dance Marathon and Diwali.

| Freshman Press Reporter

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