Three recipes to try in your new apartment 

Living in an apartment comes with all sorts of changes. For many, moving off campus means committing to making your own food and no longer relying on the convenience of Bear’s Den or Paws and Go. To help with this transition, I compiled three of my own recipes that are perfect for first-time apartment dwellers and first-time cooks alike.

| Staff Writer

Quick and easy: Recipes for the hopeless cook

Are your parents disappointed in your utter lack of culinary competence? Are you prone to setting small grease fires? If so, check out these easy recipes for a fulfilling meal.

U Kitchen review

You may have heard in the past few weeks (in fact, you probably have, as they’ve sent out several university-wide emails) about U Kitchen, the new-in-2016 food delivery service founded by Washington University alumni. U Kitchen delivers pre-portioned ingredients to your home (or dorm) and claims that you can cook them within 15 minutes for a delicious meal. Think Blue Apron, but designed with college students’ lifestyles (and budgets) in mind.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

Epic Scene Time: Super Bowl recipes

As the Super Bowl is fast approaching, viewing parties are popping up all over. It’s a Super Bowl tradition to munch on great snacks and finger food while watching the big game. Whichever team or halftime artists you’re cheering on, party snacks can be a game changer from the viewer’s perspective.

Caroline Gutbezahl | Cadenza Writer

Cooking with Copy: A toast to toast


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