American Airlines: massive flight cuts from St. Louis

The 2009 flight cuts from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport have made it difficult for many students to return home, especially on short notice due to an emergency or family function.

| Enterprise Staff

More jobs projected for Class of 2011

Though national unemployment soars at nearly 10 percent, school officials predict Washington University’s Class of 2011 will actually have less difficulty finding jobs than did students graduating in previous years.

| Contributing Reporter

Making sense of the recession

Five nationally renowned economists participated in a panel last Friday afternoon in a discussion about the actions of the Federal Reserve leading up to and in the aftermath of the recent economic recession.

| Contributing Reporter

How to advertise the University in the recession

Although the economy has forced Washington University to cut costs in multiple areas, prospective students continue to receive a large amount of literature advertising the University.

| Contributing Reporter

University endowment down 30 percent, further difficulties expected

Washington University’s financial situation has not improved since April, according to an e-mail sent by Chancellor Mark Wrighton Wednesday afternoon.

| Director of New Media

Reflections by two economists on a collapse come true

One year ago, two Washington University economists made a prediction about the future of the U.S. economy: a crisis on the order of the 1981 recession.

| News Editor

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