‘A new generation of Caribbean-American writers’: Author Naomi Jackson

Author Naomi Jackson came to Washington University to give a reading in Hurst Lounge on Friday April 19. Brought by the English Department and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), Jackson read from her debut novel “The Star Side of Bird Hill,” as well as her forthcoming book “Behind God’s Back” and an essay. She is currently an associate professor at City College in New York.

| Senior Editor

Why college is actually a good place for pleasure reading

At the risk of sounding like a cantankerous old woman, I’m going to make a not-so-bold statement: people should read more.

| Senior Forum Editor

Massage the right side of your brain: Ways to get creative and de-stress

It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things about school, but getting in touch with your creativity can really boost your energy level. Presumably, you’re here because you love learning. Here are some ways to reinvigorate yourself out of the mid-semester slump by tapping into your creative flow.

| Senior Scene Editor

Life after…discovering

Back in grade school, I was an unabashed bookworm. If I wasn’t spending time with my friends or doing homework, I was probably curled up somewhere reading a book. Even in high school, when I was slowly seduced by the mindlessness of television and the internet, I still spent a lot of time reading.

| Cadenza Reporter

Subterranean Books: Connecting good people with good books

Rows upon rows of eclectic books line the shelves of the Loop’s Subterranean Books. As the only independent bookstore on the street, Subterranean Books provides a welcome oasis from the surrounding bustling restaurants and shops.

| Managing Editor

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