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It takes more than a poster

Wash. U.’s demanding environment, when combined with as the driven personalities of students handling the school’s workload, produce a culture of stress that is especially prevalent during this time of year.

Olivia Quinn | Contributing Writer

Reading list for reading week

It’s almost Reading Week, which, if I’m not mistaken, is the gracious week that Chancellor Wrighton gives us to replenish our souls with leisurely reading. Sometimes I get the feeling that that’s not the case and that I’m possibly missing something, but then I remember to follow my heart and everything is okay.

| Senior Scene Editor

Freshman freak-outs: Fear not finals, or how to get through reading week with your sanity intact

With the shared hope of ending the semester on a high note without having to move into Olin Library to do so, let the studying commence. Here are Scene staffers’ best suggestions for surviving reading week and final exams.

Your guide to surviving finals

Laura Harvey Snack: I like to sneak food into Olin Library so that I don’t have to resort to the same foods from Whispers that I constantly eat. I generally tuck Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins into my backpack because they’re healthy(ish) and provide energy but are still yummy. And then, of course, it’s all about coffee. The more, the better.

Scene Staff

Removing reading week won’t solve finals stress

The Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science recently released a survey to gauge student interest in eliminating reading week in favor of a longer final exam period. Citing student concerns, the school hopes to alleviate some students’ overcrowding of exams during finals week.

University considers eliminating reading week to settle long-term concerns

The impossible task of finding a seat in Olin Library during reading week may soon be no more. Longstanding issues with teachers giving final exams outside of their assigned slots, causing scheduling snafus and substantial student stress, has led Washington University to consider changes to the finals week schedule—one proposal being the elimination of reading week.

| Senior News Editor

Special events during reading week

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