WU clocks in at No. 15, falls in national ratings

College ranking season has arrived and Washington University is once again among the top 15 universities in the nation. The recently published U.S. News & World Report National Universities tied the University in 15th place along with Vanderbilt University and Cornell University. This is one spot below from last year’s 14th place.

Alberto Farino | Contributing Reporter

Ratings v. Reality

I’ve overheard countless Whispers conversations bemoaning the unattractiveness of the female population, and many sighs over the scrawny paleness of the guys that line the side tables of the DUC. I know girls who prefer online dating to being confined to the on-campus dating pool, and have heard several boys say that they have a ‘No Wash. U. Girls’ policy.

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Students across America speak out about their stress levels

As any loyal Student Life reader may have noticed, an article was published in last week’s Forum section discussing Washington University’s recent ranking as the 13th most stressful school in America, according to The Daily Beast. It’s easy to take this ranking at face value, but let’s see what fellow Wash. U. students and students from other top-ranked schools have to say about their respective positions on this list.

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