A horror story

I’m back—after writing about my sexual assault in an op-ed last spring—and here to explain Wash. U.’s current Title IX sexual assault investigation process through the lens of my own case, with all of its faults on display.

Katy Hutson | Staff Writer

Op-ed submission: HAGS

Friday, Dec. 16, 2016, I sat alone in my dorm room drinking green apple vodka, eating Bear’s Den pizza and staring dejectedly at Michael Scott, begging him to make me smile. Three days later I was doing the same thing, sans alcohol with the addition of some bruises and emotional scarring.

| Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: We all deserve better

For far too long, we’ve lived in a culture and system of asymmetrical power and violence, one in which men consistently commit violence against other beings. As Washington University students, we’ve learned a lot about bystander intervention and about how to protect and look after our fellow community-members.

Ingrid Archibald | Class of 2018

RSVP Center begins ‘Stand By Me’ relationship violence prevention program for sophomores

The Washington University Rape and Sexual Violence Prevention Center has pledged to train all sophomores living in Residential Life housing in relationship violence prevention through a new online program entitled Stand By Me.

| Staff Reporter

LIVE Greek speaks out against the Safe Campus Act

We have been hearing a lot of buzz around the Safe Campus Act recently. So what is problematic about this bill and why should Greek life especially care?

LIVE Greek | Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education Greek

College’s traditional rites of passage in need of a makeover

Rape continues to be a problem on college campuses, fraternities continue to perpetuate a dangerous hazing culture and underage drinking is tolerated at a majority of universities. Why is it that even though there are groups advocating for better sexual violence prevention and education on drugs and alcohol, American universities and colleges are plagued by these systemic issues?

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

‘The Date’ generates valuable thought, discourse

This year’s Bear Beginnings, or freshman orientation, was loaded with programming to help first-year students like me adapt to college life. One feature definitely spoke to me the most—a skit called “The Date,” which educates students about rape and sexual assault.

Gavin Rackoff | Contributing Writer

‘The Second Rape’ of sexual assault victims: Sophomore shares experience to open dialogue on systemic issues in rape-reporting process

When it comes to labeling experiences as sexual assault, Washington University students are no different from other Americans. Just more than a third of students surveyed (34.85 percent) reported that they were pressured to engage in sexual acts they were not comfortable engaging in while only 10.

| Staff Reporter

Spot the difference

A friend of mine showed me an article a while ago that he’d come across. “Disgusting,” he said. “This is why we need to address rape culture.” I glanced at the headline, which pretty much speaks for itself: “School Principal Discouraged Teen Girl from Reporting Sexual Assault Because It Would Ruin Attacker’s Basketball Career.” Skimming the article, I had deja vu.

| Senior Forum Editor

Beyond blaming sexual assault victims

“Yes those young men were at fault. But is she equally responsible? What the heck is she doing drinking at 16? #Steubenville” “@Time I don’t believe in ‘sexual assault is never your fault’ in every situation. The 16 yr old girl wasn’t forced to drink—set herself up.

| Senior Forum Editor

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