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Staff Editorial: Students: We must prioritize listening to and protesting with survivors

Last Friday’s vigil is a reminder that there should be no place for rape culture on WashU’s campus.

Why the 2,505 purple pinwheels around campus are important

While I was aware of the prevalence of sexual assault at college campuses across the country—Wash. U. included—the pinwheels brought a tangible image to the numbers. They also feel personal—they represent individuals on our campus, people we live with and have classes with and share a community space with.

| Senior Forum Editor

Chris Brown maliciously turns allegations into profit

Brown’s production of the shirts in and of itself is not only demeaning to the woman who made the accusations, but also to all women brave enough to speak out against their assaulters.

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer

To the survivor in the spin room: We stand with you

The video, shared on Twitter by Kansas City journalist Christa Dubill, has been retweeted almost 13,000 times. It is one minute and 52 seconds long.

Burning more than bras: Breaking down rape culture with ‘Speak Like a Girl’

“Just because you hold the door for us doesn’t mean we’ll hold your d—,” reads a sign propped on the ledge behind the Tisch Commons stage.

| Staff Reporters

Acknowledging rape culture on campus isn’t enough

Wash. U., like most institutions of higher education in this country, has a rape problem. One woman out of four being assaulted is a problem. Assumptions of being better just because we did not get a Rolling Stone article written about us is a problem.

My experience with sexual harassment

He didn’t break eye contact until I did, until I had to straighten out and put the car into drive. Then I heard it again: Slut, Bitch. His voice, then two more voices.

Kea Wilson | MFA 2013

Rape culture and homophobia in politics

There is a rampant misogyny and homophobia running through much of the Republican Party’s rhetoric. This is a bold statement to make, so I want to back it up. I am sure by now most of us at Wash. U. have heard about Representative Todd Akin’s comment on “legitimate rape” and maybe his comparison of his female opponent to a dog.

Kevin Lin | Class of 2013

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