So long, St. Louis: My favorite sports memories from four years in the Lou

What St. Louis lacks in bright lights and win-now mandates, it more than makes up for in accessibility and community. I’ll miss those after moving back to the northeast after graduation. Here’s a collection of my fondest St. Louis sports memories over the last four years.

| Staff Reporter

Best places to ‘get dome’ in the Dome

Now that the Edward Jones Dome is down, it’s up to us to come up with alternative uses for this lonely building. If you manage to sneak past security with your main squeeze, here are the best places get down and dirty on the artificial turf.

Sports Staff

A Bear to fill a Ram-sized void

We hear your pain, St. Louis. We know you’re aching. We see the Rams-shaped hole in your athletic heart. With the NFL’s owners voting 30-2 to move St. Louis’ football team to Los Angeles next year, the Rams have played their final home game in the Midwest, and St. Louis is down a professional sports team.

In response to ‘The Longest Con’

Evaluating the St. Louis riverfront stadium proposal is not a simple task, despite the claims made by a recently published article titled “The Longest Con.” The previous article overlooked, or didn’t include, integral information that must be brought to light in order to provide an accurate picture of the stadium initiative. A new stadium would be extremely beneficial to the city of St. Louis financially and emotionally and would go a long way to revitalize an impoverished neighborhood.

Adam Kaminsky | Class of 2017

History says St. Louis fans should cheer against the Patriots

On second thought, St. Louisans, the Patriots are the enemy this year; Boston teams have so battered their St. Louis counterparts in recent years that everyone in our area should be rooting against the Patriots come Sunday.

| Editor-in-Chief

New quarterbacks debut in Rams’ and Wash. U.’s openers

Ssophomore quarterback J.J. Tomlin made his first career start for the Washington University football team in its season opener. Conversely to the Rams, Tomlin and the offense jumped out to an early 17-0 lead, but the team’s offense scored just seven points in the second half in a 31-24 defeat to Ohio Northern University.

| Senior Sports Editor

Cardinals are king, but St. Louis athletics have rich history in five professional sports

In the professional sports world, St. Louis may be best known for predominantly being a baseball city. But one would be mistaken to assume that the city’s fans historically have cheered for just America’s pastime.

| Senior Sports Editor

Monday night melancholy in St. Louis

For the thousands of St. Louis sports fans in the downtown area Monday night—a crowd that included droves of the Washington University community—hope and anticipation progressively eroded into disappointment and frustration. First, the Cardinals dropped to a 3-2 deficit in the World Series in their final home game of the season.

| Senior Sports Editor

Rams snap three-game losing streak against winless Jaguars

The St. Louis Rams have had their struggles, but at least they can say they’re not the worst team in the NFL. That distinction could go to the Jacksonville Jaguars, one of four winless teams and the victim of a 34-20 Rams victory Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.

| Staff Reporter

Rams, Wash. U. need effective running game to taste victory

During the St. Louis Rams’ 35-11 loss to the San Francisco 49ers Thursday, the team honored Marshall Faulk for his contributions to the franchise, and vintage Eric Dickerson jerseys dotted the Edward Jones Dome crowd. But the reminders of the two Hall of Fame running backs only heightened the disappointment of the Rams’ anemic rushing attack in 2013.

| Staff Reporter

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