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Here’s what’s in Student Union’s platform this fall

Student Union’s 2021-2022 platform includes plans to address health, equity and connection on campus.

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Report of racist incident at Loop thrift store prompts more allegations of discrimination

A variety of individuals have come forward with allegations of racial discrimination at Avalon Exchange, a thrift store on the Delmar Loop

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A reflection on the aftermath of the Chauvin verdict

That anyone believed, even for a moment, that a guilty verdict (or even three of them) would resolve centuries of injustice, mourning and murder proves that many of you do not know what America looks like.

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Please, post that infographic

Seeing so many of my followers posting every day, finding ways to spread the word about important racial issues, even in such a small way, made a difference.

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As Republican legislators threaten funding for Missouri Medicaid expansion, WU administrators and faculty members speak out

Washington University has continued its advocacy for Medicaid expansion in Missouri, even as House republicans have attempted to restrict funds for the initiative

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As vaccine rollout begins on campus, WU experts say statewide rollout remains inequitable

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout in Missouri has encountered a number of problems, including a lack of equity and wasted doses

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Chancellor Andrew Martin delivers first annual ‘State of the University’ address

During the address, which was broadcast live on YouTube, Martin described some highlights of the Washington University experience in 2020, in the face of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Campus Crossfire debate highlights political differences between WU students

The 2020 Campus Crossfire debate featured a fast-paced discussion with few areas of overlap between representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans.

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Local artists bring social justice art to South 40 Underpass

A different kind of welcome message greeted new students at the South 40 Underpass this year.

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