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University goes ‘all in’ on new athletic complex

As the Olin Business School’s new buildings signified a call on Washington University’s ridiculous string of raises with new halls, the athletic department decided to end the round of betting once and for all. Or at least for a year or so before the newly redesigned athletic complex is out of date.

Poseidon Tomlinson | All-Around Boss

WUmbledore’s Army: A magical addition to the WU community

The Quidditch players scurry about the field, clutching broomsticks as they chase after the Quaffle, a volleyball. A few players run around, throwing Bludgers (rubber kickballs) at others to knock the Quaffle from their hands. Meanwhile, the Snitch, a person dressed in all yellow, runs sporadically around and outside of the field in an attempt to evade capture.

| Scene Reporter

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