Three-time Paralympic champion Kendall Gretsch’s journey from Olin Library to Tokyo gold

After a year off from sports during her freshman year, Gretsch ached for an athletic outlet. Once she had found one, she could not be stopped.

| Senior Sports Editor

Dear Olympians: I could do that

The Olympics make me feel like I, too, can slide very fast down a mountain, hurl myself in the air and spin around an improbable number of times before the landing pulverizes my knees.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Op-ed: St. Louis’ ridiculous, racist and rotten Olympic legacy

The 1904 St. Louis Olympics were exploitative, dangerous, drawn-out, poorly planned and incredibly ridiculous.

| Class of 2017

All eyes on PyeongChang: What we’re most excited for in the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are happening in PeyongChang. What form of sliding is the Student Life sports staff most excited for?

Sports Staff

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