‘Energy, irreverence and imagination:’ Punk and literature collide for new professor G’Ra Asim

G’Ra Asim, part of WashU’s first race and ethnicity cluster hire, is equally comfortable in front of an undergraduate classroom and at center stage of a punk rock concert.

| Senior Scene Editor

SWMRS show at the Ready Room sets St. Louis on fire

On April 23, the band SWMRS came to the Ready Room and brought both punk rock and advocacy for social change.

Patricia Alvarez | Contributing Writer

A conversation with Eric Morse, author of “What Is Punk?”

Written by Eric Morse and illustrated by Anny Yi, “What Is Punk?” gives an overview of the early punk movement through rhyming couplets, paired beautifully with Claymation-inspired illustrations of cultural icons such as constructed from Play-Doh.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘Punk Goes Pop, Volume 3’ | Various Artists

If you’ve ever felt like it takes absolutely no talent to get a song on the radio these days, then you can probably imagine how little talent it takes for some nobody punk band to cover a recent pop song. Though the musical quality of pop songs can be argued, “Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 3” seems to lose everything good about them.

| Cadenza Reporter

Appeal to Reason | Rise Against

Rise Against’s “Appeal to Reason” is one of the finest punk albums to be released in an exceptionally long time.

| Cadenza Reporter

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