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Vote yes on Prop B to fight poverty in Missouri

Prop B would begin a gradual increase in the state’s minimum wage to bring it to $12 by 2023. Right now, the minimum wage in Missouri is $7.85 per hour, a poverty-level wage that would give a full-time worker about $16,000 yearly pay.

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By the facts: Missouri ballot initiatives

Taxes and puppies may not bring the same expression to most faces. But on Tuesday, citizens of St. Louis County—including Washington University students who are registered to vote in Missouri—will cast their ballots on both.

Vote “yes” on M, B and C; “no” on A and 1

  On Tuesday’s ballot, Washington University students will need to make several choices besides who to elect into the office of the President and other state and local offices.  Though students live in different districts and will have different initiatives on their ballots, there are some important initiatives large numbers of students will need to […]

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