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Tax for Metro goes to a vote

Supporters of a proposed sales-tax hike for Metro are making their final case to students and local residents to get them to turn out to vote “yes” in Tuesday’s St. Louis County election, as a smaller organized opposition continues to work to defeat the measure. Sensing that they face an uphill battle, Washington University students and administrators have joined forces with local transit advocates.

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A letter on Prop A from Chancellor Mark Wrighton

To the Washington University Community: I write to you on the eve of a very important day for Washington University and the St. Louis region, and I write to ask for your support. On Tuesday, April 6, registered voters in St. Louis County will have the opportunity to vote on Proposition A, a half-cent sales tax increase to support the operation and expansion of the Metro system.

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Buying cars a poor substitute for Proposition A

There have been a lot of concerns and misinformation going around about Prop A and the campaign to save Metro. The truth is that there are a lot of very good reasons to vote yes on Tuesday. For instance, the Metro trains are much more sustainable than cars or even buses.

Kevin Lin | Op-Ed Submission

Vote Yes on Prop A

You hear it over and over. Prop A will hurt the poor. And like many other ridiculous statements, when it’s said often enough, it begins to sound true. The term “regressive tax” has been bandied about a lot lately. Yes, a sales tax is “regressive.” But wait, read on! That’s not the whole story, as the erroneously named Citizens for Better Transit (CBT) would have you believe. There are two more things you need to know.

Melissa Freilich | Op-Ed Submission

VIDEO: Flash Mob for Proposition A

Wash. U. Students for Proposition A, Green Action, the Performing Arts Department collaborated to organize an improvisational flash mob dance in front of the Danforth University Center. The dance was meant to raise awareness of the upcoming April 6 vote on Proposition A, which will support St. Louis public transit. The Chancellor was among the […]

Wrighton urges WU community to vote for Prop A

Chancellor Mark Wrighton on Monday called on community members to turn out for the April St. Louis County election to vote in favor of a sales tax for funding Metro, as Washington University continued efforts to mobilize the community around the measure.

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Coalition of Metro supporters unites around ballot measure

With the April elections just around the corner, the fate of St. Louis Metro is once again at the mercy of another proposal after the failure of last year’s Proposition M. And this time around, the coalition of transit supporters is more determined than ever as it prepares its campaign.

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Proposition A: why public policy needs a makeover

Scattered debates have contemplated the merits and downfalls of Proposition A, one of Missouri’s “hot topic” ballot initiatives. The measure seeks to remove Missouri’s $500 loss-limit at casinos, and essentially raise casino tax in order to funnel some of that extra revenue into Missouri schools.   Proponents say that the loss-limit is an outdated law, […]

Vote “yes” on M, B and C; “no” on A and 1

  On Tuesday’s ballot, Washington University students will need to make several choices besides who to elect into the office of the President and other state and local offices.  Though students live in different districts and will have different initiatives on their ballots, there are some important initiatives large numbers of students will need to […]

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