Professor receives backlash for post supporting protest of pro-Israel organization

After making a social media post in support of a protest opposing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Bret Gustafson, Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, has received significant community backlash centering around accusations of antisemitism.

| Junior News Editor

Make Sumers Rec Center free to the entire WashU community

Here is my point: such a facility should not only be available and free to employees, there should be incentives in place to encourage its regular use. A healthy workforce is in the University’s best interest.

| Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Op-Ed: Three Stories

I sense the need to hear these stories, to share them and to urge us to take them into consideration as we move forward as a community dedicated to the increased diversity of our student body.

Ron Cytron | Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Classes and kids: A conversation with Professor Hedwig Lee

Hedwig (Hedy) Lee, a professor in Washington University’s Sociology department, as a social demographer, is “very interested in trying to understand what features on our society drive the health differences that we see.” Student Life sat down with her recently to talk about her teaching experience and what it’s like to balance that with having a young child.

| Staff Writer

Office Hours with Madonna Riesenmy

Less is more. This philosophy can apply to something as simple as a Charmin Ultra toilet paper ad and the accessories you add to an outfit, or it can dictate how you structure your lifestyle. This is also the philosophy of Washington University’s own Madonna Riesenmy, a senior lecturer in the Department of Education. Riesenmy grew up in the St.

Caroline Ludeman | Contributing Writer

Introducing: Professor Peter Benson

He wakes up in the morning in an old tenement house, gets up and joins the other workers. After taking it out of the curing barn, he packages the dark aromatic tobacco into bales. In the early afternoon, once the morning dew has dissipated, he harvests the green, freshly grown tobacco in the fields, and then moves it to the curing barn for the new batch to dry.

Introducing: Professor George Pepe

Professor George Pepe lightheartedly suggested that he suffers from logorrhea. “Logos, meaning word, and rhoia, meaning flow,” he said after his self-diagnosis. As outgoing chair of the University’s Department of Classics, Pepe is well versed in Latin and the origins of words.

| Scene Reporter

Introducing: Dr. Brian Carpenter

Have you ever wondered what the study of aging, technical writing, biking, patting students, vegetarianism, a labradoodle, lawn games and baking have to do with each other? The interests of Dr. Brian Carpenter, associate professor of psychology, form an intersection of all these things.

| Scene Reporter

Best professor

Three times a week at 11 a.m., students rush the doors of Lab Sci 300, shoving past the stream of winded freshmen trying to leave. The students are hurrying to get their front-row seats for optimal viewing of professor Richard Loomis’s next general chemistry lecture.

Son of anti-gay professor comes out

The son of a Washington University physics professor notorious for vocally condemning homosexuality came out as gay in Sunday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

| Contributing Reporter

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