I was speaking

One of the most notable remnants of in-person class, though, is the tendency for men to interrupt and speak over women.

| Staff Writer

Going to Wash. U. is a privilege, do not let ingratitude tear down the joy of others

“I had expected my peers to feel similarly, to be in awe of the amenities, to be thrilled by the opportunity, the absolute privilege, we all have received by getting to be educated at somewhere like Wash.U. But instead…I have been surrounded by insults to the food, insults to the housing, insults to the institution.

| Managing Editor

Social distancing is a privilege

“While a lot of us are comforted by the interiors of our homes, that same opportunity is not granted to everyone, and this is a fact that we should not remain ignorant to.”

| Senior Forum Editor

There were so many Black people!: Safe spaces on college campuses

There are people on this campus who don’t know what it is like to have to constantly search for themselves in spaces, and this is a privilege.

| Staff Writer

On Piers Morgan and the N-word

This is the path that white people ought to take in the battle against racism: following those who know of its evils rather than leading with a false understanding.

Wesley Jenkins | Staff Writer

Privilege in profiling: one man’s experience

I probably deserve to be in jail right now. This past weekend, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I was stopped and questioned by a police officer for trespassing in an abandoned building because I wanted to take some photographs. Was I in the wrong? Absolutely.

| Forum Editor

Recognized smarts, unrecognized privilege

Oftentimes, people mention we are smart because we are at Wash. U.; we attend a university that has the privilege of selecting its students from a large group of applicants.

| Staff Columnist

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