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Day of Silence to bring awareness to silencing of LGBTQIA* voices

Washington University student group Safe Zones is honoring Day of Silence this Friday, April 12.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Student performers, professionals dazzle in annual Pride Alliance drag show

The show featured students and professional drag performers from St. Louis.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Pride Alliance hosts Trans Awareness Week

Pride Alliance celebrates Transgender Awareness Week with events on campus this week, Nov. 12 through Nov. 16.

| Senior Editor

Local drag performers, WU students slay in Pride Alliance drag show

“If you are easily offended, please stay. It’ll make this a lot more interesting,” event emcee Maxi Glamour said. That’s when I knew it would be a great show.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Trump announces ban on transgender individuals from serving in military, WU community reacts

President Donald Trump announced that the United States will not permit individuals who identify as transgender to serve in the military — in a decision that will not impact University policy — Wednesday.

| Senior News Editor

Student first to get same-sex marriage license

Lilly Leyh, a dual-degree graduate student in the Brown School of Social Work and Olin Business School, and Sadie Pierce, a 2014 graduate of the Brown School, were the first in line to receive legal marriage documentation.

| Staff Writer

WU-SLam, Pride Alliance to present Grand Slam on Friday

After many long weeks of writing and practicing, 10 performers will take to the stage this Friday in the largest and most competitive poetry slam on campus: The Grand Slam.

Elena Wandzilak | TV Editor

Laverne Cox discusses transgender issues, race, class, gender and intersectionality to packed crowd

Students filled Graham Chapel to see Laverne Cox deliver the keynote address for Trans* Awareness Week in one of the highest-turnout events Pride Alliance members say they have ever hosted. Cox, advocate and actress in “Orange is the New Black,” spoke about transgender issues as well as the intersectionality of her identities and how they have affected her life.

| Contributing Reporter

Christine Dolan hired as new campus LGBT coordinator

Washington University’s third Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Coordinator in four years hopes to continue the work of her two predecessors in the leadership role. When Michael Brown left the position in September 2009, the difficulty securing his replacement meant that the University spent most of the 2009-10 year without an official LGBT coordinator.

Calla Zhou | Contributing Reporter

Ally Day brings together groups to promote awareness

The buttons cost a dollar, but not all of the giveaways on the table by the entrance of the Danforth University Center were available for purchase. “True or false: 36.5 percent of LGBT youth grades 9 through 12 have attempted suicide. 20.5 percent of those attempts resulted in medical care.” The answer: true.

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