Your Guide to the Biggest Oscar Category

Didn’t have time to make it to the movies last year? Need to impress the host of that Oscar party this weekend? Just want to be educated on the impressive cinema of 2015? Don’t worry friends—I endeavored to watch all of the Best Picture nominees so that you didn’t have to, and I’ve written up this guide so that you have all you need to pretend you watched them as well.

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Searching for gold in California: Super Bowl Sunday predictions

The Student Life Sports staff has very little faith in the Broncos and predicts the Panthers to triumph in a 6-1-1 split. But what do we know. Will the old guard triumph one more time? Or will Cam Newton and the stacked Panthers usher in a new era of the NFL? Tune in Sunday at 5:30 p.m. to find out.

Sports Staff

Cadenza picks the Oscars: Who will win, who should win?

As usual, there is much speculation about who will be taking home the trophies come Sunday evening, and Cadenza’s staff is here to throw in its own two cents (about the big five categories at least) about who will be up on stage giving that teary-eyed speech and letting you know if we think it should be someone else.

Cadenza predicts the Oscars

The 86th annual Academy Awards will air Sunday night on ABC. Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, this year’s awards ceremony features an impressive array of nominees. Here are Cadenza’s predictions of who will win in the major categories. BEST PICTURE ‘12 Years a Slave’ ‘American Hustle’ ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ ‘Gravity’ ‘Her’ ‘Nebraska’ ‘Philomena’ ‘The Wolf of […]

Oscar Predictions: The Tech Categories

The most prestigious film awards of the year are just ten days away, which means Cadenza is cranking out their first set of predictions. For part one of our three-part coverage, we’re tackling the below-the-line tech categories. The Academy Awards are on ABC on Sunday, February 24 at 6PM CST.

Nate Silver talks politics to filled Graham Chapel

New York Times writer and statistician Nate Silver told a full Graham Chapel audience that he might stop writing his renowned blog should his analyses ever start affecting election results.

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Who should you be cheering for? Student Life staff predicts the Super Bowl

The last time we gave the prediction game a go-around, it didn’t work out so well as only two of our staff members picked the Giants to beat the Tigers in the World Series, and none of us even came close to predicting a sweep.

Sports Staff

World Series 2012: Staff Picks and Predictions

(EDITOR’S NOTE: All of these predictions were submitted before the first pitch of Wednesday night’s Game 1. Our apologies if either team has already made us look stupid, which I assume has happened.)

Sports Staff

VIDEO: Sex survey predictions

Managing Editor Dennis Sweeney interviewed students the week of Valentine’s Day to gather their predictions for the results of the 2010 Student Life sex survey.

| Managing Editor

VIDEO: Phillies-Yankees World Series Debate

httpv:// httpv:// Sports reporters Kurt Rohrbeck and Daniel Kurzner talk about who will win the 2009 World Series in a discussion moderated by Steven Simon.

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