WU public safety committee releases report recommending removal of WUPD officers from mental health calls, increased measures for transparency and accountability

The committee, composed mainly of University students, staff and faculty, was formed in September 2020 as one of multiple initiatives announced by Chancellor Andrew Martin aimed at promoting racial equity on campus.

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Campus Crossfire debate highlights political differences between WU students

The 2020 Campus Crossfire debate featured a fast-paced discussion with few areas of overlap between representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans.

Em McPhie | Senior News Editor

Staff Editorial: On the importance of following up and following through

But if we can’t follow up on our demands, can we be surprised when they don’t follow through on their promises? Hold the University accountable.

Why I don’t want increased policing on or near campus

Sure, these people are meant to protect civilians, but what do you do when you fear those who are supposed to protect you?

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