police brutality

Students continue Ferguson activism with ‘dead-in’

Students garbed in black fell to the floor in Tisch Commons just after noon on Monday, simulating dead bodies and calling attention to the deaths of people of color as tour groups and students eating lunch looked on.

| Senior News Editor

Police shootings represent pattern of white anxiety

Last week, I listened to Columbia law professor Patricia Williams lecture at Washington University for the second time. In her talks, Williams, who also writes for The Nation magazine, has emphasized the power of words and the extent to which the words used to surround an event or a photo can dictate how it will be received.

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer

Social injustice on social media

Since the killing of Mike Brown over a month ago, Twitter has driven worldwide attention to protests and ongoing abuse by law enforcement. The feeds of activists, including Antonio French and the Lost Voices, have kept focus and dialogue on Ferguson alive.

| Senior Forum Editor

Michael Brown: A victim of a racist system

Michael Brown died because police forces are not designed to protect people like him. They are designed to imprison people like him.

| Senior Forum Editor

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