Black Anthology’s ‘Masquerade’ shows what’s behind the mask

This year’s Black Anthology, “Masquerade,” combined masterful writing, electric performances and enthusiastic dances to create a show that was as entertaining as it was thought-provoking.

Aruni Soni | Contributing Writer

‘Masquerade’ and mental health: BA’s 31st show

After celebrating their 30th show last year, Black Anthology will return this weekend, bringing “Masquerade” to the Edison Theatre.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Op-Ed: In remembrance of sandcastles washed away

Why have we stopped playing?

Aruni Soni | Class of 2023

Sex, politics and murder: ‘Aunt Dan and Lemon’

A timely production in the age of Trump, Wallace Shawn’s “Aunt Dan and Lemon” explores how societies methodically, almost unknowingly, slip into modes of thinking that make space in the public conscience for grand atrocities, serving as a cautionary tale against fascism.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Theater troupe to bring history, humor to Edison Theatre

Nicknamed the “bad boys of abridgment,” the men behind the Reduced Shakespeare Company (RSC), a theater troupe that performs short, witty synopses of broad subjects, are coming to Edison Theater this Friday to perform “The Complete History of Comedy (abridged).”

| Staff Writer

‘So much subtext and quintessentially British’: A Q&A with the cast of ‘Betrayal’

The Performing Arts Department (PAD) production of the classic Harold Pinter drama “Betrayal” opens Thursday, March 27. Student Life recently sat down with the cast, featuring Sarah Palay as Emma Downs, Charles Morris as Robert Downs and Connor McEvoy as Jerry, for a short discussion on what we can expect from their production.

| Senior Blog Editor

“Somebody Important” at Someplace Strange

When most people think of a play, they also think of a theater with a stage. In its latest production, Thyrsus, Washington University’s oldest student theater group, does not accept this traditional view. This weekend, Thyrsus will put on an original play, “Somebody Important,” at the Eliot Hall Loading Dock on Snow Way.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Making time to play

This past December, results from the 2009 Program International Student Assessment (PISA) were released to the public. The PISA is an international test in reading, math and science, which has been distributed every three years since 2000. The United States ranked twentieth internationally, and our country’s poor scores have been decried by politicians on both sides of the political aisle.

| Columnist

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