Silence on stage: A cappella put on hold

When the members of Washington University’s many a cappella groups heard that classes would be held online until April 30, they knew that their spring concerts would be cancelled.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Voices & Sounds shows another side of WU a cappella

The Parent & Family Weekend a cappella showcase, Voices & Sounds, was a grand affair. But what really shaped the atmosphere of Voices & Sounds were the a cappella performances themselves.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

A cappella entertains with sweet sounds and sweet treats

With the start of the new school year, Wash. U. a cappella teams are looking to bring new voices to their teams, and what better way to do that than by hosting an a cappella information session? Each group performed one song to best show off their strengths.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Joint concert brings ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ with a side of gender politics

Switching spots with The Pikers and The Greenleafs taking the stage, this bouncy and excited mood took a turn in the most beautiful of directions. Kendall Spina, co-music director of the group, introduced the Greenleafs performance of “Quiet” by MILCK, a song that has gained national attention over the past few months around Women’s Marches following the presidential election of Donald Trump.

| Staff Writer

A cappella brings together different voices for a broader audience

The Voices & Sounds of Washington University: A Cappella Concert was packed with people anxious to see Wash. U.’s most talented vocalists perform pitch perfectly.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Writer

Pikers celebrate 30 years of entertainment on campus

This past weekend, the oldest a cappella group on Washington University’s campus celebrated its 30th anniversary with bagpipes, 50 Cent melodies and fireworks greeting viewers at the exit of Jammin’ Toast, The Pikers’ biggest concert of the year.

| Contributing Writer

A cappella 101: The Pikers, tomfoolery in time to music

Welcome to A cappella 101, a new feature in Cadenza in which we get to know one of the many a cappella groups on campus. The Pikers have been gracing our ears with songs and our eyes with shenanigans since 1985. One of two all-male a cappella groups at Wash. U.

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