Pi Pizzeria offers tasty options for gluten-free and vegan students

[rating stars=4.5] Students with dietary restrictions will be glad to know that Pi Pizza offers a variety of options that are as delicious as they are safe and healthy. The restaurant, whose closest location is at 6144 Delmar Boulevard, has four locations in the St. Louis area. However, its multiple locations don’t deprive it of its independent and local feeling.

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Fitz’s teams up with other local brands to develop new flavors

Fitz’s, a St. Louis-based restaurant and bottling company regionally famous for its root beer, has now partnered with other local restaurants to create new flavors. The bottling company teamed up with other local restaurant favorites to develop a co-branded Ginger Beer with Pi Pizzeria and a Coffee Cola with Kaldi’s Coffee.

Walk, bike or run to the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park

Sick of eating processed, corn syrup-laden junk food? Trade in your half-and-half this weekend for some organic vegetable jambalaya. Feeling lame browsing the Internet all day? Browse local, environmentally-friendly vendors, or get crafting instead! This Sunday, the 22nd annual Earth Day Festival in St. Louis will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Best pizza

Pi’s biggest claim to fame is also what tends to draw new customers—its pizza is President Obama’s favorite. In fact, he paid to have the restaurant’s chefs flown to D.C. in order to cook their cheesy deep-dish delicacies for a White House dinner.

Not your usual icebreakers

Check out some of these well-known St. Louis venues where you can easily have fun in groups and get to know fellow students without any awkward silences or forced conversations.

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