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SU Senate report calls on University to commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035

To achieve full carbon neutrality by 2035, the Senate called for investments in offsite renewable energy and investing in local programs that encourage clean energy use.

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WU earns place in Princeton Review Green Guide

Students who graduate from Washington University will be more prepared for environmentally conscious careers because of the school’s commitment to sustainability, according to the director of ratings for The Princeton Review.

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Renewable Energy Taskforce seeks alternative power source for Wash. U.

A newly launched Washington University’s group is bringing students and faculty together to find novel renewable energy solutions to power the University away from unsustainable sources. Chartered by Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration Henry Webber, the taskforce will explore potential opportunities for using renewable sources of energy for the University.

Apparent energy reductions follow Green Cup

In the month after the Green Cup finished, energy use in on-campus dorms continued to fall, according to figures released by the Office of Sustainability earlier this week. The figures show a reduction in energy use in March compared to January in every on-campus dorm, with many dorms reducing use in March compared even to February, when the Green Cup was going on.


Green Cup winners announced

The Green Cup was more successful this year than last, said Director of Sustainability Phil Valko, and he hopes the success will carry through the rest of the year. The Green Cup is a competition amongst the Washington University Residential Colleges and the fraternities to see which can decrease their energy consumption by the highest […]

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Committee to monitor investments yet to fill 3 empty seats

Although the Washington University Investor Responsibility Advisory Committee (WUIRAC) was endowed with a formal charter in March, its two faculty positions and one of two administrator positions have yet to be filled. The group is able to cast proxy votes on resolutions for the University’s investments.

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Changing overpass next focus of bike plan

With permanent bike racks for Olin Library and McDonnell Hall coming in October, the focus of attention concerning the new campus bike plan has shifted to the overpass bridge to the Loop. Plans for the overpass bridge have not gone smoothly thus far.

| Staff Reporter

Staff Editorial: Sustainability in action

We were pleased to hear that the University has finally hired a permanent Director of Sustainability after a year of searching for someone to fill the position. Having someone who can oversee sustainability projects, propose and implement ideas and coordinate initiatives is a necessity at this University.

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