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The fight for Pell coalitions: The role of WU/FUSED, the Board of Trustees, the administration, and student leaders in improving WashU’s socioeconomic diversity

“WU/FUSED deserves the majority of the credit, along with a few former key administrators, for getting the momentum [for socioeconomic diversity] going,” Scotty Jacobs, WashU alumni and former Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, said. 

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Martin announces free tuition for low-income students in Missouri and Southern Illinois

Low-income students from Missouri and Southern Illinois will be able to attend Washington University for free starting in the 2020-2021 school year, Chancellor Andrew Martin announced in his inaugural address, Oct. 3.

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WU establishes start-up grant program for incoming students

The first grant will consist of one $500 portion to cover or subsidize the cost of a computer. The second is worth $1,500 and is intended to cover essential items like winter clothes, textbooks or travel over both semesters.

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First-year numbers see no major change

Washington University’s class of 2021, in many ways, appears strikingly similar to its predecessor.

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WU/FUSED broadens efforts for socioeconomic diversity on campus

WU/FUSED, Washington University’s chapter of national coalition U/FUSED, is taking new strides toward socioeconomic diversity within the undergraduate population following the increase of Pell-eligible students at the University.

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University tops socioeconomic disparity rankings in new report

Washington University found itself in a familiar situation Wednesday; atop a new ranking measuring the least socioeconomic diverse colleges across the country.

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Op-ed submission: Pushing beyond Pell-eligible

For years, the members of WU/FUSED have been asking the administration a single question: Will you provide us with a breakdown of the income distribution in the student body? Each time that we have asked, their response has been the same: No.

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity

Reflecting one year after the socioeconomic diversity special issue

It’s no secret that Washington University has long lagged far behind its peer institutions in terms of socioeconomic diversity. With a paltry 6.2 percent of students qualifying for a federal Pell Grant in 2015, a number a full 4 percentage points below the next closest four-year research university, Wash. U. rightfully earned the deplorable distinction of the least financially diverse university in the country.

University reports record number of low-income, minority students in freshman class

The class of 2020 will rank near the top in terms of both racial and socioeconomic diversity—numbers unparalleled in Washington University’s history.

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Mission accomplished: WU no longer bottom of the pack in Pell Grants

With its newest class, Washington University has finally enrolled enough Pell grant-receiving undergraduates to be ranked second to last out of comparable universities, Chancellor Mark Wrongon announced at a press conference Monday.

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