Beyond Big Bird: The top five reasons to keep PBS

At a debate where he was declared the winner by virtually every news channel, Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney did make one major gaffe. He called for federal funding to PBS to be eliminated, despite the fact that he loved Big Bird.

PBS journalist speaks on politics and faith

Ray Suarez, senior correspondent for PBS NewsHour and host of the radio program “America Abroad,” spoke at Graham Chapel Thursday evening. In his speech, Suarez explored the effects that religion has on politics in American society. His speech, titled “The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith in America,” followed the subject matter of his 2006 book of the same title.

| News Editor

Mental illness prevention

Perhaps you have seen the new series, “This Emotional Life,” which first aired on PBS in January. On the show, mental illnesses are described as diseases with physical bases. Read: no different than physical illnesses—except that mental illnesses impair psychological functioning.

Stephanie Smarr | Op-Ed Submission

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