Somber, soulless Super Bowl: Enjoying a truly terrible football game

The only question I had before I began watching this Super Bowl was why was I going to watch it in the first place. I toiled over it before the game started. I revisited the question as the game became a soulless dredge over the home stretch.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

Goodell meets with media to discuss NFL ratings

In response to the decline in NFL television ratings, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has organized press conference to answer report questions.

Aaron Brezel, Rohan Gupta and Jon Lewis | Staff Reporters

High-octane Falcons offense at a historical disadvantage

Julio Jones is fueling an Atlanta Falcons offense that has bullied its way to the Super Bowl, pounding opposing defenses to the tune of 39 points per game during its current six-game winning streak.

| News Editor

Brady and the Belichick effect

Bill Belichick makes cast-offs into Pro Bowlers, only to have them turn into pumpkins after signing big contracts elsewhere. No one is doubting Tom Brady’s place in the “greatest ever” argument, but maybe it’s a good idea to talk about the possibility that Boston’s prodigal son is one of those pumpkins.

| Senior Sports Editor

Why you should learn to stop worrying and love Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship last Sunday. This made most football fans happy, since American sports culture has a strange inferiority complex that pushes fans of not-great teams to hate, rather than to admire, great teams.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

History says St. Louis fans should cheer against the Patriots

On second thought, St. Louisans, the Patriots are the enemy this year; Boston teams have so battered their St. Louis counterparts in recent years that everyone in our area should be rooting against the Patriots come Sunday.

| Editor-in-Chief

Who will hoist the trophy? Student Life staff predicts the Super Bowl

Despite the Seahawks’ 35-point victory last year, all of us this year believe the margin of victory will be no greater than 10, with some predicting a game coming down to the final seconds.

Sports Staff

A casual fan’s guide to the Super Bowl

While those of us on the Student Life Sports staff have fanatically counted down the days until Super Bowl Sunday, we acknowledge that the Super Bowl is the only game of the year that many people watch. For those of you who fall into that category, we’ve listed five important questions that many viewers may find themselves too embarrassed to ask their die-hard sports friends.

Sports Staff

Football alum keeps focus on field

Former Washington University football player Jonathan Howard hasn’t missed watching a National Football League draft since he was 10 years old. More than a decade later, he realized his dream of working in professional sports when the New England Patriots hired him as a scouting assistant for the team.

Michael Aronson | Sports Reporter

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers: A casual fan’s guide to Super Bowl XLVI

How did the Giants get here? Well, it has been a long season for Giants’ fans. After starting the season 6-2, the Giants went on to lose four straight games, including an embarrassing 49-24 Monday Night Football loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Sports Staff

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