Party once, shame on you; party twice, still shame on you

Simply put, college kids are partying because other college kids have decided it’s okay, or are too afraid to push back when they see it happening.

| Staff Writer

How to do WILD sober

While daunting, WILD is completely do-able sober. Honestly, it’s not different at all from doing it drunk. It all depends on how comfortable you are around other people who are drunk. Don’t be scared by people who only focus on the drinking. You can gain many memories even without the added alcohol.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

The key to success: Jungle juice as an indicator of self-worth

There are certain traits that the world’s most successful people share. Successful individuals are creative and hardworking. They pay attention to details and are highly sociable creatures. But there is another skill that I am willing to bet that they possess.

| Contributing Writer

Epic Scene Time: Super Bowl recipes

As the Super Bowl is fast approaching, viewing parties are popping up all over. It’s a Super Bowl tradition to munch on great snacks and finger food while watching the big game. Whichever team or halftime artists you’re cheering on, party snacks can be a game changer from the viewer’s perspective.

Caroline Gutbezahl | Cadenza Writer

Life after… W.I.L.D.

All I can say is wow…my first W.I.L.D. was even more wild than I thought W.I.L.D. could be. Out of the dozens and dozens of stories I’ve heard from my upperclassmen friends, not one could even begin to accurately describe the phenomenon that is the concert in Brookings Quad.

| Cadenza Reporter

Watch out, young’uns

Well, freshmen, tomorrow is W.I.L.D. We know this is kind of a big deal. It is your first big college party. Since Frat Row has been essentially shut down for the past few weeks, you really haven’t a clue as to what a real “college” party entails.

Rock the Row party-free this year

The night of Rock the Row was unusually quiet this year. Interfraternity Council (IFC) advised the fraternities not to hold any evening events after Rock the Row on Monday. The annual event marks the opening of Greek Life on campus to new students.

| News Editors

Too much of a good thing

Perhaps it is too early in the year to be lamenting anything. But lament I will. In two weeks, Wash. U. students will be faced with a major, major problem. A problem that I don’t believe I have ever encountered in my tenure at this institution. This problem, which stirs the very depths of my being, is the problem of too many parties.

| Forum Editor

Respect U. City neighborhoods

Last weekend, we received word from the Washington University Police Department that patrols from the University City Police Department would increase in the area north of campus. This area, including University Drive, Washington Ave., Kingsbury Blvd., Kingsland Ave., and Trinity Ave, contains property owned by the University and is home to a number of students.

Hey, WUPD: We like your style

When we first heard about the recent influx of complaints from the University City community about noise and trash from Wash. U. students living north of campus, our thoughts jumped to concern about what this could mean for WUPD’s historically liberal alcohol policy.

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