Senate committee investigates printing credit discrepancies

Student Union launched an investigation into how to address the discrepancy between on-campus and off-campus student printing credits.

HN Hoffmann | Senior Editor

Olin Library printers cause problems for students, staff

As anyone hoping to print a paper between classes has probably noticed, the Olin Library printer kiosks have had difficulties with network issues this semester, leading to login, payment and printing problems for University community members.

| News Editor

PaperCut supposed to cut printing waste, students have mixed feelings

In an effort to reduce printing waste, Student Technology Services implemented PaperCut last November.

| Contributing Reporter

Printing charges in Eads ArtSci lab drive paper use up in residential labs, STS says

Students on the South 40 need to continue cutting back on paper usage, according to administrators at Student Technology Services (STS). Although PaperCut software is being used in these residential areas, there has actually been a substantial increase in the amount of printing done in residential computer labs this year. The PaperCut monitoring software is used on main campus and in the residential areas.

| News Editor

PaperCut system presses students to reduce printing waste

Students living in residential areas are all too familiar with the printing ritual on campus: Print, sort through discarded sheets of assorted chemistry slides and short stories, pick up printed paper.

| News Editor

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