COVID Housing Overwhelmed as Cases Spike

This semester saw the highest COVID rates on campus since the pandemic began, which led the University to put students in overflow isolation housing.

and | Junior News Editors

The making of a documentary capturing the international student pandemic experience

As an international student living on campus during the early months of the pandemic, I felt very isolated. Creating “Millions Like Us” pulled me away from the “self-quarantine” confines of my own dorm and connected me with other Chinese international students who shared the journey with me.

| Contributing Writer

Pandemic pets: WU students take advantage of more time at home to foster animals

From the dogs of Instagram to endless funny cat videos, pets keep us going when times are rough. With this past year being noticeably more difficult for many Washington University students, many are turning to fostering animals as a way to temporarily access some furry-friend-serotonin.  Because of the constant change in schedule and location that […]

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: Now is not the time for complacency

It’s important to note that even with the countrywide vaccination program in place and the decreased number of cases, the pandemic has not yet gone away, and we still must act accordingly.

If we want to avoid another pandemic, we need to rethink how we treat our planet

Although not new, zoonotic diseases are appearing more frequently, and this is not by coincidence.

| Managing Editor

Op-ed: Thank you

As we near the midpoint of this semester, with very low numbers of active cases, we want to say thank you for doing your part in keeping us safe.

Ranen Miao, Student Union President | Rob Wild, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Why America must normalize masks beyond the pandemic

It only makes sense that Americans should normalize wearing a mask when you are sick, even beyond the setting of a pandemic.

Reilly Brady | Staff Writer

Op-Ed: Homesick during COVID? You’re not alone.

As the long days of summer neared an end, I began to realize that I likely wouldn’t have an opportunity like this again. That’s when the dread started creeping in.

Molly Dwyer | Class of 2022

Staff Editorial: This fall only works if we work together, let’s rise to the occasion

If the University community wishes to partake in that privilege, however, we cannot ignore the responsibility that accompanies the realities of an in-person semester.

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