Without Palin, abstinence panel draws small crowd

More than half of Graham Chapel was empty during a panel on abstinence Monday night. The low attendance was a sharp contrast to what students had expected only two weeks ago, when Bristol Palin was approved by Student Union Treasury to be a member of the panel.

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Political gifts for the holiday season

Holiday season is upon us as we give gifts to those around us who have made our lives great.

Daniel Fishman | Staff Columnist

The work

I’m writing this having come from a speech by Karl Rove, held in Graham Chapel Monday night.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but the man manages to instill an even deeper sense of dread in person than he does on TV. Honestly, watching him talk is like watching a python feed.  So to […]

Students on both sides can learn from Rove

Karl Rove’s appearance on campus a mere 27 hours before the polls closed in Missouri was, whether you enjoyed it or not, a useful educational exercise, not just for the College Republicans who invited him, but for democrats, independents and undecided students. Judging by the line of students stretching beyond the Business School waiting to […]

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