The dark side of the Underpass

In a rush, you might just cut through the trash can gap without even thinking about the level of risk you have accepted. Because your backpack just hit the wall as you were turning, it leaves you with a scarlet letter—newsflash, that paint is never coming off—a permanent mark of humiliation, a reminder that, once again, you have been claimed by the power of the Underpass.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

Splash of color takes the Swamp

Holi is one of the South 40’s most beloved traditions–check out photos of students enjoying the annual event Friday. Photos by Megan Magray | Student Life

| Associate Editor

Holi festival to eliminate water balloons, add paint

Ashoka is ditching the water balloons in favor of paint to make this year’s Holi event on the South 40 Swamp less of a mud fight and more of a traditional celebration of color.

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