Margot Robbie’s Oscar snub isn’t a blow to feminism

It is wrong to present these snubs as evidence for the attack on feminism because you cannot talk about feminism without talking about its decades-long exclusion of women of color.

| Staff Writer

On the Academy Awards: Turn your celebration of filmmaking elsewhere

Last night, the Academy Awards, on rare occasion, lived up to its nobler objectives. More frequently than not, however, it failed to.

Pranaya Pahwa | Film Editor

Here’s your Oscars cheat sheet

For starters, the Oscars really don’t matter. They don’t even represent an informed opinion. Voters aren’t even required to watch all the movies.

Pranaya Pahwa | Staff Writer

How to talk about the Oscars without watching any film

If you make the calculations, you would need to dedicate approximately 4,952 minutes to watch almost all films nominated for an Academy Award this year. Luckily, you do not need to waste your time watching these films because I have created a thorough guide on how to successfully navigate conversations about the Oscars.

| Film Editor

Chris Rock, the Oscars and the myth of the positive stereotype

The 88th Academy Awards was full of controversy and debate, as many African American actors and actresses such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith united to boycott the event. Such individuals disparaged the 2016 Oscars for its Whiteness, lack of diversity and the fact that no actors or actresses of color were nominated for any award this year.

Jeff Kang | Staff Writer

Suggestions for the Oscars

As much as Cadenza loves awards shows, sometimes we also find them frustrating. This year, we’re all worked up about the Oscars, which air this Sunday at 6 p.m. on ABC. It would be nice to see the Academy take some of our suggestions, but if not, we’ll be back ranting and raving next year.

Your Guide to the Biggest Oscar Category

Didn’t have time to make it to the movies last year? Need to impress the host of that Oscar party this weekend? Just want to be educated on the impressive cinema of 2015? Don’t worry friends—I endeavored to watch all of the Best Picture nominees so that you didn’t have to, and I’ve written up this guide so that you have all you need to pretend you watched them as well.

| Music Editor

The best of the 87th Academy Awards

With this year’s Oscars finally done and dusted, the glitz and glamour of the awards season slowly begins to fade from our minds. Last Sunday’s Academy Awards were particularly tame, with few drunk celebrities to speak of and a rather vanilla and tiring host (sorry, Neil Patrick Harris…we may all be over you now).

| Senior Scene Editor

What the Oscars got wrong

This year, Cadenza picks the worst mistakes from 2015’s Oscar nominations.

The Awards Season: Red carpet wrapup 2014

Lupita Nyong’o Screen Actors Guild Awards If it were possible to showcase all of her award looks in one picture, Lupita Nyong’o would be the only focus of this column. Never before has such an undiscovered talent dominated awards season in such stunning fashion (pun intended). She was in the running for best dressed at […]

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