Original Mother’s Bar

Mothers Bar: One year later, Washington University reflects

A year ago, the world was watching six black Washington University students.
It began when the Original Mothers Bar rejected the students, who were on the senior class trip, on the basis that their jeans were too baggy. After one of the students switched jeans with a white student, who was then admitted to the bar, the black students said they had been discriminated against because of their race.

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Chancellor Wrighton on endowment, ethics, race and clean coal

Student Life conducted an interview with Chancellor Mark Wrighton after the most recent quarterly meeting of the board of directors on Friday. The discussion involved a review of major events that occurred during the semester.

| News Staff

Chicago race rally canceled after venue search falls short

Senior Class President Fernando Cutz told the student body in an e-mail this week that a Chicago rally, planned in response to the recent incident of alleged racial discrimination against six students at the Original Mothers bar in Chicago, will no longer occur.

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Students reach agreement with Original Mothers bar

Senior Class President Fernando Cutz, along with the six black students who allege they were racially discriminated against by the Original Mothers bar in Chicago, said on Wednesday that they will not be pressing charges against Mothers, as part of a legal agreement between the two sides.

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