Keep your eyes on the horizon

It goes without saying that a person giving advice to incoming freshmen should probably be at least a sophomore or junior. It doesn’t make much sense for someone who hasn’t even started college yet to give advice about doing so.

Ben Fishman | Freshman Press Writer

Does Explore really make your transition to college easier?

During Explore, students gather in specific groups to become familiar with various clubs and activities as well as the campus as a whole. Thus, students can have a headstart in making friends prior to the semester’s beginning. But this early exposure to a group of people comes to a question: Is this helpful or not?

Bright Chong | Freshman Press Writer

First-year orientation to move from 4-day to 9-day model for fall 2019

Bear Beginnings, Washington University’s orientation for first-year students, will be extended from its current four-day model to a nine-day session for fall 2019.

| News Editor

Pre-orientation programs benefit all

Pre-orientation programs offer more freedom in terms of activities, allow for exploration of self-selected interests and provide first-year students a chance to talk to upperclassmen.

First Year Center utilizes new events app for Bear Beginnings

Washington University has created a new scheduling app, called “WashUEvents,” for this year’s Bear Beginnings, a program that introduces incoming freshmen to campus life, University expectations and some of their 1,878 new classmates.

Zachary Berman | Contributing Reporter


After a great Convocation night of school spirit, speeches and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, I felt ready to get college started. That is, until night number two rolled around, along with the infamous—or perhaps not-so-infamous—WashU Ultimate Floor Challenge, otherwise known as WUFC.

| Contributing Writer

First 40 should offer wider selection of programming, de-emphasize floor community

As with any major life transition, becoming acclimated to a new environment is challenging. The administration at Washington University recognizes this difficulty and programs events accordingly to help ease in the new students. These events—known as the First 40—are not without their problems, though.

Bear Beginnings a bust

A few weeks ago, as I began buying bedding and packing my bags, I found myself becoming increasingly worried about starting college. When I sat by myself waiting for my flight, I had to fight back tears.

Ella Chochrek | Contributing Writer

Bearings needs to find its bearings

With another incarnation of Bear Beginnings said and done, the new members of the Washington University community can now confidently strut around campus educated on our school’s policies, but maybe not ready for the day-to-day struggles of college life. “Our Names, Our Stories” tells of our various identities, “The Date” of sexual assault and violence, and “Bearings” of…well, not much.

| Senior Forum Editor

‘Bearings’ to replace ‘Choices’ as freshman orientation program

This fall, the oft-referenced “Choices” will be replaced by “Bearings,” a much shorter video that addresses similar issues, in an effort that the First Year Center hopes will reduce overlap with other orientation events.

| Staff Reporter

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