WU holds first ever Sophomore Welcome for Class of 2024 after largely virtual first year

WU’s sophomore class participated in the first ever Sophomore Welcome, an orientation program aimed at helping sophomores adjust to a more in-person semester.

| Staff Reporter

The first year sophomore experience

Campus is alive in a way that I should’ve expected, but had no way to prepare myself for.

| Senior Scene Editor

Students reflect on 2019 Bear Beginnings

The class of 2023 had mixed reactions to the new nine-day Bear Beginnings orientation.

Kathleen White & Curran Neenan | News Editors

Staff Editorial: 9-day Bear Beginnings proves to be a work in progress

If the First Year Center and Campus Life intend to keep a nine-day orientation moving forward, there are many lessons to be learned from this year’s issues.

New 9-day schedule in place for Bear Beginnings 2019

Washington University’s Bear Beginnings freshmen orientation program will transition to a 9-day schedule with three parts in the summer of 2019.

| Senior News Editor

And they were roommates…a sneak peak into the relationship

Whether you went random, met on the Facebook group or knew each other going in—your roommate could end up being your best friend or your worst enemy.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘You’re the pizza guy’: Inside the class of 2022’s GroupMe boom

While a thousand students in one room is seen as a mob, a thousand students in one group chat is seen as a bonding opportunity.

Hannah Hoffmann | Freshman Press Writer

You’re not the only one: Getting used to a new ‘home’

When I told my parents of my interest in Washington University, one of their first questions was “Where’s that?” Revealing the fact that it’s all the way in Missouri, they (understandably) admitted some concerns.

Josie Robinson | Freshman Press Writer

‘I broke the bed:’ Awkward sound bites for an awkward week

A few notes: My roommate and I had chosen random. Neither of us were active on social media. We had texted one another only twice: once for brief introductions and once to coordinate dorm shopping.

Jonah Goldberg | Freshman Press Writer

Dear introverted first-years, it gets better

Many act like introversion is some sort of disease that needs to be cured, a massive character flaw that keeps you from being a full member of society. If you aren’t outgoing, it seems, it is simply because you’re lazy and rude for not loving to talk to everyone.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

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