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Local sexperts answer your oral sex questions

Results from this year’s Student Life sex survey show that out of the 1,427 Washington University undergraduates who responded, around 72 percent engage or have engaged in some form of oral sex—but of that group, fewer than 2 percent use protection against sexually transmitted diseases when giving or receiving oral sex.

June Jennings | Contributing Reporter

A guy’s guide to oral sex

According to a recent study funded by Church and Dwight Co. Inc, the maker of Trojan products, women are more likely to orgasm when oral sex, or cunnilingus, is included in foreplay. Seventy percent of women between 20-24 reported receiving oral sex during sex—so guys, if you’re not going down on your girl, you’re not measuring up to the majority of women’s sexual experiences. If a lack of knowledge or experience is what’s holding you back, read this step-by-step guide and don’t give yourself any more excuses for getting down and dirty.

| Senior Scene Editor

Oral Sex

On the first day of health class in the sixth grade at my all-girls high school, the most outgoing student walked straight up to the counselor and principal and asked, “What does sperm taste like?” You’d think a 12-year-old would start with, “When am I supposed to start wearing a bra,” or, “What’s third base?” […]

L Moore | Sex Columnist

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