[open] slate wins from top to bottom

The Spring 2010 Student Union election was the biggest in modern SU history, with a total of 2,392 ballots cast. Morgan DeBaun led her entire [open] slate to victory, winning by a vote of 53.4 percent to Bold slate’s Nate Ferguson’s 42.3 percent.

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Student Life’s SU Election Endorsements

The Student Life Editorial Board interviewed each of the ten candidates running for a Student Union 2010-2011 executive position. It is exciting to see both the Bold and [open] slates running for office this year—two experienced slates with innovative ideas.

Low on time, Olin council votes to back [open] slate

Olin Business Council voted to endorse Morgan DeBaun’s [open] slate on Wednesday in the first debate of the two Executive Slates. The Council deliberated on whether to endorse candidates individually or an entire slate, but ultimately decided to endorse the entire slate due to time constraints. DeBaun is a sophomore in the business school. The debate was the first between the two slates.

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[open] slate enters SU race with forum

In front of about 60 supporters, sophomore Morgan DeBaun and her slate, [open], announced their intentions to run for Student Union executive positions and explained their platform on Wednesday night. The slate is the second to enter the race after Bold Slate, led by junior Nate Ferguson, announced its run last week.

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SU exec. race heats up with second slate

Another Student Union executive slate is almost open for business. The slate’s formal candidacy announcement for SU executive office will take place in Umrath Lounge on Wednesday, according to a Facebook event created by sophomore Morgan DeBaun, current SU vice president for public relations.

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