Op-Ed: Danforth to SL editors: ‘Keep publishing’

In the fall of 1985, the fate of Student Life (SL) was in the hands of Danforth.

James T. Madore | Class of 1987, Former Student Life Co-Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed: I am Neurologically Atypical: This is My Story

I make this statement with the hope that recent positive trends will surge forward, and neurodiversity will no longer be something stigmatized or scary. I make this statement with the hope that other people with Asperger’s and/or OCD will know that most people will still love them and respect them.

Eli Nirenberg | Class of 2023

Op-ed: Professor Katz, Resign

That pain comes, in part, from our very existence being a topic of “intellectual debate” by those who have not gone through our own lived experiences.

Ranen Miao | SU President and Samson Seley | Class of 2022

Staff Editorial: A battle won but the war rages on: Keep supporting Title Mine

In April of 2018, Student Life received an anonymous op-ed that discussed the university’s failure to protect the student population from a “serial offender.”

Letter from the editor

Today Student Life published an op-ed titled “Known by name and number,” written by an anonymous Washington University student.

| Editor-in-Chief

Op-Ed: Community coalition invites administration to improve support and protection for international students and workers

Considering our university’s commitment to academic freedom, we can think of no greater academic liberty than to be free from the threat of being torn from one’s vocation, home, and loved ones.

Washington University United Immigration Task Engine (WUUNITE)

Op-ed: A red line against racist ideologies: A call to action

This whole controversy has needlessly centered whiteness and the most privileged individuals on this campus. However, this controversy is not about white people; it is about the rights of marginalized communities and their allies on Washington University’s campus.

Christian Ralph | Graduate School of Engineering Class of 2020

Letter from the editor

Student Life typically does not permit submissions to be run anonymously, but due to the author’s personal connection to the events described, we have made an exception for this article.

| Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed: Argentina: A leap of faith

In 1945, with the rise to power of General Juan Domingo Peron, the Argentinean “economic miracle” ended.

Diego Herrera | Class of 2019

Op-ed: Why I’m fighting for $15 and childcare

My own story is but one example of how the grad student model can fail to work: I have a seven-month-old child, whom I delivered during my third year in my program.

Meredith Kelling | Graduate Student in the College of Arts & Sciences

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