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Arts & Sciences Announces Summer Online Learning Pilot

On February 29, Washington University College of Arts & Sciences announced the arrival of a flexible learning program to take place over the summer of 2024.

| Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: While they exist, take advantage of virtual office hours

The Student Life Editorial Board urges students to utilize these virtual office hours this semester.

Summer school coordinators work to ‘maximize learning’ in transition to online format

With the announcement that summer classes at Washington University will be fully online, course offerings and academic resources are being updated to suit the remote learning environment.

Sulan Pathiranage | Staff Reporter

The verdict is in: Online class is truly not the same

Now, over a month has passed since we were allowed on campus, and in the middle of week four of online classes, it’s time to accept another fact: Online classes are not a sufficient replacement for in-person classes.

| Senior Forum Editor

Tips on how to be productive at home from a veteran homeschooler

“I, a veteran homeschooler and graduate of online high school, would like to share some tips on how to stay productive while learning from home.”

Shelby Crook | Staff Writer

University looks into providing video courses online

As many top-tier universities begin to integrate their educational systems with the digital age, Washington University is undergoing research to design video courses that can closely reflect the classroom experience. Provost Ed Macias described the University’s possible venture into online courses as one of experimentation. “While there have been lots of experiments and lots of […]

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