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From boosters to testing: What you need to know as the semester starts up

From a more detailed explanation of Washington University’s lack of a booster requirement to an overview of the services available on campus during the first two weeks of class, here are answers to some of the most important questions facing the university community as the semester gets underway.

| Managing Editor

Remote students face decision of whether or not to come to St. Louis for the spring

After Washington University’s Nov. 18 announcement that spring 2021 classes will continue to follow a hybrid format, students studying remotely this fall must decide whether or not to come to campus in the spring.

Olivia Poolos | Staff Reporter

Brown School plans to go fully online after Thanksgiving

While other schools at Washington University have chosen to continue hybrid learning after Thanksgiving, the Brown School has a number of advantages which allowed it to make the transition to fully online learning.

| Senior News Editor

WU announces new Thanksgiving travel restrictions as COVID-19 cases rise among students and in the St. Louis area

Undergraduate students who travel more than 60 miles outside of the St. Louis region for Thanksgiving will not be allowed to return to campus for the remainder of the semester, according to a Nov. 12 email from Chancellor Andrew Martin and Provost Beverly Wendland.

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As spring semester approaches, WU professors must decide between hosting classes online, in-person or hybrid

Professors across Washington University were required to declare by Nov. 6 whether they will conduct their classes online, hybrid or in-person for the spring 2021 semester.

| Staff Reporter

Staff Editorial: How to not burn out in online classes

For some courses there is more flexibility, for others there are more assignments. But for everyone, there is some form of virtual learning, and with that comes the dreaded “Zoom fatigue.”

Faculty and students adjust to online and hybrid classes, note drawbacks and benefits

While classes are ramping up after a whirlwind first week, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced faculty and students alike to be flexible and cautious in order to stay safe.

Olivia Poolos | Contributing Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on mental health

The combination of a loss of structure and complete social isolation have caused serious depressive effects for many.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Semester Online adds international courses, mixed student interest

Students no longer need to study abroad to benefit from the unique offerings of schools far from the landlocked state of Missouri.

| Contributing Reporter

Wash. U. joins consortium of top schools offering online courses for credit

[media-credit id=3203 align="alignright" width="267"][/media-credit] Washington University’s announcement that it will be joining a consortium of schools including Duke and Northwestern Universities to offer online classes for credit has been greeted with generally positive student sentiments.

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