Brownies, lawns and music: A freshman’s dive into entrepreneurship

Freshman CraigAnthony Moore runs a business of baking, lawn care and DJ-ing.

| Contributing Writer

How WU alum went from the WU kitchens to CEO of his family business

Displayed on the home page of Xi’an Famous Foods’ website are mouthwatering images of hand-ripped noodles, spicy dumplings and brimming bowls of soup. Behind the pretty pictures, however, lies the father-son duo who put in years of hard work.

| Staff Writer

Op-Ed: The troubling Olin name

Imagine the powerful message that the University could send by removing the Olin name from campus buildings. It would signal that the University values social justice over large financial gifts.

David Rapach | Visiting Professor of Finance

Here’s why you should, in fact, sleep in Olin

It’s far easier to walk to Olin and trudge down the steps until you find an open, cushioned seat in the B-stacks than it is to walk all the way back to The Lofts.

| Senior Forum Editor

Night three in the Olin Games: A victorious Dorian

The insanity is over. You can all stop asking us, “What is the Olin Games?” The Olin Games is the past. The Olin Games is history.

| Senior Scene Editor

The third night of the Olin Games: Kat(niss)y has fallen

And just like that, there were two. The seasoned veteran—despite her wealth of experience, the intensity of her preparation and her possession of the sheer insanity required to pull this stunt for a second time—has exited the competition.

Night two of the Olin Games

The three remaining tributes proved far more resilient than their fallen peers, spending a second night in their new home and steadfastly refusing to leave it in disgrace.

| Senior Scene Editor

Unexpected rock shelf sets Olin Library construction back

Due to complications in the excavation phase of the project, the Olin Library expansion will be extended an entire semester and is on track to be finished for the spring 2018 semester.

| News Editor

Mark Taylor to serve as new dean of Olin Business School

Mark Taylor, current dean of the Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, will serve as dean of the Olin Business School beginning this fall, Washington University announced today.

| Breaking News Editor

Entrepreneurship Club kicks off first event with founder of Build-A-Bear

The Washington University Entrepreneurship Club hosted its first-ever speaker Thursday afternoon when board of trustees member and founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop Maxine Clark addressed aspiring student entrepreneurs.

Samantha Blumberg & Serena Mani | Contributing Reporter

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