Olin Games

Night three in the Olin Games: A victorious Dorian

The insanity is over. You can all stop asking us, “What is the Olin Games?” The Olin Games is the past. The Olin Games is history.

| Senior Scene Editor

Night two of the Olin Games

The three remaining tributes proved far more resilient than their fallen peers, spending a second night in their new home and steadfastly refusing to leave it in disgrace.

| Senior Scene Editor

Night one of the Olin Games

Your tributes have spent a total of one night in Olin Library. Three have perished since then, while three remain. The first parachute will be released tomorrow. Vote on Student Life’s Facebook page to keep your favorites alive.

| Senior Scene Editor

Welcome to the Olin Games

People are deciding to live in the Olin Library as a game of survival, this time competitively. Why are we doing this? For the glory, for the story, for the pride of winning, for no reason.

| Senior Scene Editor

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