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WU reports 117 student COVID-19 violations amid new clusters

Since the start of the spring semester, three large clusters of COVID-19 cases have been reported by Washington University, and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards has adjudicated at least 117 student conduct cases related to COVID-19 violations.

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Student Union urges WU to expunge alcohol and marijuana offenses from student conduct records

Student Union Senate passed a resolution urging the University to implement an expungement policy and expand it to include marijuana offenses.

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Arts & Sciences investigates Physics 192 academic integrity breach

The office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and the Physics Department are currently investigating an incident in which Physics 192 exam solutions were posted on Chegg during the exam period.

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Op-ed: ‘Not a threat’

I’ve tried doing this the right way, I really have. There has to be a way the University can keep students safe from known threats.

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SU Senate approves revised definition of sexual assault in WU judicial code

Student Union voted to approve a revised definition of sexual assault in Washington University’s judicial code at its weekly session on Tuesday.

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Stay classy at WILD, Wash. U.

With WILD coming up on Friday, everyone on campus is looking forward to a fun weekend. But as we know, things can sometimes get out of hand. Worst of all, every year some students make mistakes that haunt them the rest of their time at Washington University.

Lora Zuo | Student Conduct Ambassador | Office of Student Conduct

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