Students, residents discuss noise

Washington University students and University City residents who live north of campus met Tuesday night to address recent noise complaints and plan an upcoming block party scheduled for April 2.

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Respect U. City neighborhoods

Last weekend, we received word from the Washington University Police Department that patrols from the University City Police Department would increase in the area north of campus. This area, including University Drive, Washington Ave., Kingsbury Blvd., Kingsland Ave., and Trinity Ave, contains property owned by the University and is home to a number of students.

Noise complaints increase in Ames Place

The Office of Residential Life has advised students to refrain from engaging in disrespectful behavior in off-campus areas and has warned of plans from police to increase local patrols.

On Kingsbury, better communication

On Sunday evening, the scene at the intersection of Melville Avenue and Kingsbury Boulevard was nothing short of wholesome. At a block party sponsored by Student Union, some students flipped burgers as others supervised children with Play-Doh and still others made conversation with elderly neighbors.

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WU students react to University City’s zero-tolerance policy

Students returning from spring break were greeted with an e-mail sent by Residential Life concerning off-campus behaviors. “I want to make you aware that the University has received numerous complaints about student behavior while traveling back and forth to campus through University City neighborhoods,” Justin Carroll, the associate vice chancellor for students and the dean of students, wrote in the e-mail.

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