The NFL and my conscience

What happened to Tagovailoa is emblematic of the NFL — turning a blind eye to the real impacts of football while continuing to promote the glitz and glam of a violent game. All the rule changes and statements about player safety are just a ruse. A ruse to get people like me to keep watching.

| Staff Writer

Shelby Jordan, WU alum and NFL player, passes away

Shelby Jordan, a Washington University alum who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 11 years, passed away on Sept. 9.

| Contributing Writer

What a British comedy show taught me about American sports

A British comedy television show can teach us lessons about how to better appreciate American sports.

| Senior Sports Editor

Matt’s Musings: The NFL’s unfairness doesn’t excuse Colin Kaepernick’s missed opportunity

Racial issues in sports span across the world and manifest themselves in different ways depending on where they take place. This brings us to American sports’ current number one hot button issue, still, after three years: Colin Kaepernick vs. the National Football League.

Matt Singer | Contributing Writer

The beauty in defeat: Lessons from a season of high expectations

I’ve had the misfortune of watching two of my favorite teams—each an apparent juggernaut in their sport—suffer unexpected losses this season. In the moments after these losses, I felt the urge to overreact, but as time went on, I felt something I hadn’t expected: relief.

| Senior Sports Editor

Opinion: Fear of a black quarterback

Football, by the nature of its reluctance to change, has become a snapshot of a larger cultural problem related to the stereotypes of black people.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

Protest on the field and on campus: Thoughts on the wave of NFL protests and their effects on universities

The NFL national anthem protests have now reached the tuft fields of America’s college football teams.

Isaac Jacobson | Staff Reporter

Equality is not reactionary

In America, I see a deeply flawed nation that has destroyed so much in the name of greed but which constantly evolves in order to fix the inequalities at its core.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Michael Sam speaks on coming out, road to the NFL

Former University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, the first openly LGBTQIA* athlete to be drafted in the NFL, spoke to students about his journey in College Hall Thursday.

| Staff Reporter

Goodell meets with media to discuss NFL ratings

In response to the decline in NFL television ratings, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has organized press conference to answer report questions.

Aaron Brezel, Rohan Gupta and Jon Lewis | Staff Reporters

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