Student-run art fundraiser benefits local aid group

The bold, diverse collection of works heralds a bright future for the young artists and the collective as a whole.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Council seeks reconciliation with locals

The Neighborhood Voice Community Council had its first meeting of the semester earlier this month in an effort to bring together a community of off-campus students and local residents and establish a means of communication between the two groups.

A welcome from the 2010-2011 editorial board

We hope that your years at Wash. U. are and will be a time of direct engagement with your surroundings, during which you can apply the critical thinking skills you learn in your classes to the world around you.

WU leaders work to address reports of noisy students through ‘Good Neighbor’ program

Rising numbers of complaints from community residents near Washington University concerning student conduct off campus prompted a “Good Neighbor” meeting between student leaders and school officials last Friday. Administrators called for a discussion and a search for solutions after what they called one of the loudest, noisiest and worst starts of the year. Josh Walehwa, […]

| Senior Sports Editor

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