‘On the order of hundreds of students’: WashU’s path to need-blind admissions 

For years, University administrators defended their decision to remain need-aware, citing other focuses and insufficient finances to adequately support students under a need-blind admissions policy.

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A year later, Wash. U. lacking in economic diversity

By remaining the only top-20 school in the U.S. News & World Report rankings that is need-aware, Wash. U. is signaling an apathetic stance on the issue.

The costs of ‘need-blind’ admissions policies

A New York Times story examining college admissions policies sparked some controversy in late July when Washington University was specifically highlighted as a top university that struggled in recruiting students from low-income households, partially because of a need-conscious policy.

Administration stands by use of need-conscious admissions

[media-credit name="Photos courtesy of Washington University " align="alignleft" width="142"][/media-credit] Washington University has no plans to go need-blind in its admissions policy in the near future.

Sonya Schoenberger

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