Knope 2012: The return of “Parks and Recreation”

It is one of the most critically acclaimed comedies of the past few years, yet “Parks and Recreation” curiously disappeared from the NBC comedy block on Thursday night. Curse you, midseason scheduling. The wait is finally over, though, as the lovable Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) continues her run for City Council, assisted by all her friends and coworkers.

NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

Filling Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles, NBC’s Chuck Todd talked about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

TV renewals: Will they or won’t they? Should they or should they not?

Network TV schedules usually seem really crowded at the end of the school year, with the full-season shows finishing up their runs while the mid-season replacements struggle to conclude their seasons by the end of May sweeps. As such, it’s time for a little clearing of the schedule to get rid of shows that shouldn’t exist anymore and make room for next season’s biggest hits. Here’s my take on 14 shows that premiered in the 2011-2012 season, excluding already-renewed shows like “New Girl,” “Smash” and “2 Broke Girls” and already-canceled shows like “Terra Nova.”

‘Awake’ raises questions that will keep you tossing and turning

As a longtime viewer of sci-fi shows like “Fringe,” I’m quite comfortable with the notion of parallel universes. They intrigue me greatly—change one small detail and create a whole new world. NBC’s new show “Awake,” which premieres Thursday, March 1, at 9 p.m. CST, offers a new spin on parallel universes, and it does so with finesse and perfection.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

NBC wants new Monday-night lineup to be a ‘Smash’ hit

The new musical in town wants to be clear that it’s nothing like “Glee.” Other than the fact that it’s a musical, this is a statement I can agree with. Tonight, at 9 p.m. CST, NBC will premiere “Smash,” its new follow-up to “The Voice.” The show has a grown-up premise, unlike its “Glee”-ful competitor.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

6 spinoffs that should happen

Just as they did with “Friends” and “Cheers,” NBC is considering taking a semi-lead character from “The Office” and giving him his own vehicle.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘The Voice’ back to hopefully be heard

Last April, “The Voice” premiered on NBC and became an instant hit thanks to those big red chairs. Audiences were dazzled by the strange audition process, which featured four superstar judges (Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) turning around when they heard a voice they could just not resist.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

NBC’s new Thursday-night lineup

Big changes have come to NBC’s Thursday-night comedy block, and our feelings are mixed on the lineup.

| Cadenza Reporters

‘Friday Night Lights’ Season Five

The fifth and final season of “Friday Night Lights” is premiering Friday on NBC at 8 p.m. EST. Well, ‘premiere’ isn’t actually the right word. The final season has been airing since October on DIRECTV, but now it has come to a channel that everyone can see. Obviously, “Friday Night Lights” has a unique airing situation.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘The Sing Off’ is an a cappella frenzy

Last year, the world (or at least a few million viewers) watched as a group of Puerto Rican men beat out college boys for an amazing prize: first place in NBC’s a cappella competition, “The Sing Off.” Now, we get to watch it happen all again in season two.

| TV Editor

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